Path of Scion announced

German indie devs DigiPig Studio write in to announce Path of Scion, a “dark fantasy” RPG in which you play as a demi-god.

The interesting thing about this is, you’re non-corporeal: without any body of your own, you must cultivate (and inhabit the bodies of) various prophets to extend your power and influence. The devs write: “For this task using fellow Prophets (NPCs), sacred powers, political cunning and even military is needed. Your rule will solidify gradually as you progress through the game.”

The bulk of the game is real-time, but the devs state that it switches into turn-based mode when you enter combat using one of your prophets.

There is apparently also something of a light empire management layer to the game:

Even a demi-god needs a place to manage his empire. We call this place the Nexus, which is your stronghold. Here you can train your followers, shape your divine powers into form and decide on the fate of each conquered territory.

There’s an early teaser trailer out so you can see how some of this looks in action:

It looks to be rather early in development to me, particularly so given the ambitious design plans announced for it. The developers provide the following list of planned features:

– RPG core with everything you’d expect from this like stats, skills, classes, spells etc.

– At least 3 main characters representing  different playing styles

– A handful of factions, whom you can interact with using a reputation based system, that describes your relations with them

– Hundreds of NPCs to get in touch with, get quests from or aid/harm – Diversified quests and chain of events, that will shape the outcome of the game or the fate of an area

– Turn-based combat system where you have to plan your moves to take down the enemy, using terrain and external factors as tactical advantages

– A semi-manager game mechanism where you improve and take care of your base to get stronger and advance in the main plot

Path of Scion has a planned release date of December 2017, though I would personally be rather impressed if they managed to accomplish all that within the next year. In any event, the game will be Windows only.

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