Downspiral announced

Word reaches me that Ontario developer Matt Gunter of Hey It’s That Dog is working on a new first-person dungeon crawler by the name of Downspiral.

At first glance, Downspiral looks like an exceptionally goofy Dungeon master clone; and indeed, Gunter describes it as “a satirical action-adventure RPG set inside a now defunct dungeon.” Here’s the premise:

[E]xplore what was once a dynamic theme-park attraction. Now dilapidated and in complete disrepair, you’ll enter the dungeon seeking fame and fortune just like all the adventurers who came before you. Although none before you have ever returned to tell the tale, you’ll search for treasure, fend off well-trained monsters, and seek to uncover the secrets of the now run down dungeon.

You’ll create a team of four adventurers choosing from quirky and unusual classes of races or varying powers and abilities. Enter the dungeon armed as a Land Dolphin, Tomato Person, an Accountant, or a plethora of other characters as you search to uncover the truth about the now abandoned dungeon and what happened to the adventurers who were brave enough to enter Downspiral’s dungeon.

Enter into the Downspiral dungeon… If you dare.

Here’s the trailer:

I, personally, eagerly await the opportunity to play this with an entire party of nothing but Dumpster Elves. Downspiral is planned for release in early 2017.

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