The Tenth Line announced

Elliot Mahan of Sungazer Software writes in to announce The Tenth Line, an RPG with side-scrolling platforming exploration and turn-based battles.

The premise:

Guide the princess of Easania and her unusual but reliable companions through a world of magic, beasts, and dragons while avoiding the clutches of a mysterious cult in hot pursuit.

Here’s a trailer letting you know what you can expect. The exploration bits remind me a fair bit of LISA, even though the author seems to be aiming for something more like Trine. Meanwhile, the combat appears to bear some similarity to Darkest Dungeon in that characters are arranged in a line, and attacks can hit different ranks (or, indeed, all of them):

The list of planned features includes:

  • Explore the world through fast-paced 2D platforming by controlling three separate characters, each with unique movement mechanics and ways of interacting with the world.
  • Take on dozens of foes at one time through turn-based RPG battles with an active timing element.
  • Unique progression and ways to level-up: power up combat moves and set up character-specific specialties through training, and gain levels to spend on the puzzle-like Power Flow board to increase stats and learn new attacks.
  • 12+ hours of gameplay, plus post-game challenges and a New Game Plus mode.
  • Optional story-focused mode that removes most enemy encounters and simplifies platforming to allow a player to quickly experience the entire story.
  • Play “Quad Pro Quo” (an in-universe collectible card game) against multiple characters and inhabitants of the world to win unique prizes and complete your collection!

The Tenth Line is currently on Steam Greenlight, and is planned for release for Windows, Mac, Playstation 4 and Xbox One in March 2017 at a $12.99 price point. In the meantime, there’s a free Windows demo available to try right here.

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