New release: Andoran Skye XD

Chadrick Evans of One Man Army Games, the indie developer working on WarRab: Veteran, writes in to announce that he’s released an older game of his set in the same universe: Andoran Skye XD.

The narrative premise:

Within each planet, at the very core, legendary entities are harbored. They are youthful, full of power and in dire need of protection. These entities are known as Skyes.

In Andoran Skye XD, you play as a teenage jokester who accidentally ends up in the vast world of Andoran. Due to a shortage of true warriors, you are persuaded to take on an interesting task: become the “Staff Wielder” and, ultimately, tame your Skye.

As you explore regions, you will face many obstacles and, in time, the evil tyrant who is ready to steal control of the Skye before you do.

The game features side-scrolling exploration in combination with turn-based battles. Evans writes that the game’s combat system features “chain techniques” that allow you to cut off enemies or deflect attacks in real time. Here’s a trailer showing off some of this stuff:

According to Evans, Andoran Skye XD features:


  • ​The most unique story you will EVER experience filled with twists, turns and one tough bunny.
  • Comedic dialogue and colorful characters that are a little too self-aware.
  • New Keepsake items that allow you to boost your stats in battle.
  • Two different game modes that allow you to play the game as it appeared in 2013 and now
  • A new approach to your typical RPG: fusion between 2.5D platformer, real-time strategy and side-scrolling games.

Andoran Skye XD is available for Windows and Mac OS; it’s currently $9.99 on Steam and $7.99 on


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