Last Stonelord announced

Italian indie developer Livio Morganti writes in to announce Last Stonelord, which he says is influenced in part by Ultima Online. It honestly looks rather like a single-character survival RPG to me despite its “with RTS elements” description. Speaking of which–here’s the official premise, such as it is:

Last Stonelord is an Old school Rpg with some Rts elements , awakened in a unknow land, you have to conquer your way towards glory and become a Stonelord ! Gather, craft , build, fight  and raise your empire!

Morganti admits that he is not great with English, so perhaps we should just let this rather attractive teaser trailer do the talking for him?

Here is the planned feature list, straight from the press kit:

  • Start with nothing and try to survive.
  • Huge world with dynamic events.
  • Build and defend your village. Grow it into a big city with lots of NPC followers ready to work for you.
  • Move fast riding mounts, trains and boats, transport more Craft Item with Karts.
  • Explore dangerous places with lots of secrets and treasures.
  • Craft quality items based on your skills levels, almost everythings can be player made.
  • Develop your Avatar as warrior , mage or artisan !
  • No fixed class , exp or caps lavels, only skills to train!
  • Your actions influence your karma, will you become good or evil?

Last Stonelord is presently on Steam Greenlight; Morganti writes that he intends to release the game to Steam Early Access this summer in English and Italian. It’ll be for Windows and Mac, with console support to follow at some point in the future.

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