Skullstone announced

Jakub Ćwikliński of 9-person Polish indie development studio Black Torch Games writes in to announce that they have a new first-person dungeon delver in development–a real-time, grid-based blobber in the tradition of Dungeon Master–by the name of Skullstone.

Here’s the premise:

An ancient structure, long buried under Lisenian woods, is slowly rising due to unknown forces. Skullstone stands on top of it – a dreaded entrance into the darkness below. Evil creatures come out of it killing brave men, snatching frail women and helpless children. While local monks waste time praying in their monastery and deciding how to deal with the stream of evil beings, people of the town of Lisentar act on their own by calling for mercenaries who can save them.

As you can see from this trailer, Skullstone bears a certain resemblance to Legend of Grimrock, albeit somewhat lower fidelity:

Here is the planned feature list:

  • Choose from 20 different characters with different active and passive skills
  • Explore vast dungeon levels made in few different visual styles
  • Fight against unique monsters
  • Find best ways to defeat enemies able to curse you and attack you at range
  • Visit the town to receive quests and claim rewards
  • Listen to the impressive ambient and dungeon synth OST

Skullstone is planned for release in the last part of 2017.

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