New Release: Shadows of Adam

I’m a little late with this one, but better late than never: word reaches me that Shadows of Adam, a jRPG created  by the five-person indie team Something Classic, has now been released! (And by “now,” I of course mean “at the end of February.”)

The premise:

A specter haunts the small, remote village of Adam. It is the ghost of its dour hero, Orazio, who set out 10 years ago without explanation and never returned, leaving his son and adopted daughter to wrestle with the dark secret he left behind. A secret that must now be revealed if the children hope to save their departed father, though its revelation could unhinge the world.

Shadows of Adam features really nice original art in 16-bit SNES style, as well as what appears to be a custom engine (i.e. I don’t think this one is made in RPG Maker).

Here’s the trailer:

The developers promise 10-12 hours of gameplay, four playable heroes, no random encounters (all wandering enemies appear onscreen), and a “deep, character-driven story with lots of humor.”

You can find Shadows of Adam on Steam for $14.99 (Windows, Mac, and Linux)–or on Green Man Gaming at the same price (Windows only).

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