Kenshi announced

Word reaches me of Kenshi, a squad-based, open world sandbox RPG set in something like a sci-fi version of ancient Japan. UK development team Lo-Fi Games have reportedly been developing Kenshi for 8 years and counting; with the game now finally in beta, it seems they’re ready to start building awareness.

There is no narrative premise to speak of in Kenshi, as the game is evidently quite committed to non-linearity, but I was provided with this description by the PR fellow who emailed me:

Set in an original ‘sword punk’ style world with post-apocalyptic-meets-samurai vibes. There is no linear story, but the player will struggle for survival and make their own story in a ramshackle world, all while uncovering lost ruins and mysteries of a fallen, high tech civilisation.

[Kenshi] gives players the freedom to be good or bad, build a town, start a faction, fight bloodthirsty cannibals & bandits, craft items or simply survive in the challenging, vast open world.

Really, I think the main thing you need is this trailer, which gets across the gist pretty admirably:

Planned features include:

  • Customize your squad
  • Build your own base
  • Rescue and carry your wounded mates to safety
  • Aid or oppose various factions
  • Realistic injuries such as severed limbs that need robotic replacements
  • A challenging struggle for survival. No level scaling or ‘hero’ characters with artificially stronger stats
  • Endless gameplay possibilities and occupations
  • Dynamic, ever changing, simulated world. Support or hinder whoever you wish, or keep to
    yourself, the world won’t stop moving
  • Intricate gameplay factors such as environment, weather and exhaustion

Kenshi is already available in beta form for $19.99 via Steam Early Access; the full release is planned for summer 2017. Windows only.

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