The Rise of Mooncrest announced

You might remember KnightMayor, the Austin-based indie developer behind the now-deceased title Mooncrest. Since giving up the ghost on that particular project, KnightMayor have thrown their efforts into a new strategy RPG taking place in the same universe by the name of The Rise of Mooncrest.

Here’s the premise:

The land of Nocturne, peaceful for generations, has been invaded by a powerful and exotic force. Seemingly overnight, almost all of Nocturne is occupied leaving only one stronghold – Mooncrest. Can Mooncrest’s overwhelmed forces rally together to defeat a mysterious army with mythological powers?

Developer Rick Burton describes the game as a “story driven, Tactical RPG with core gameplay features inspired by the Sega Genesis classic – Warsong (Langrisser).” Reviewing early footage of the game, I couldn’t help but notice that it bears a passing resemblance to Yggdra Union as well:

Burton confirmed that each individual squad of units is under the command of a unique “commander” character that can develop between fights. As a commander’s squads defeat enemies, the commander will gain experience points, level up, and and eventually branch out into more powerful classes, of which the finished game will contain 22. (If a commander is defeated, on the other hand, all squads under their command will immediately withdraw from the current fight.)

The Rise of Mooncrest is being developed for Windows, with a planned release window of mid-to-late 2018. A Kickstarter campaign planned for May 23. In the meantime, there’s an alpha demo available here.

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