World Slayer announced

Daria writes in to inform me that there’s a new 3D jRPG in development by the name of World Slayer. In development by a (primarily Russian) 5-person studio simply calling themselves World Slayer Team, World Slayer takes the unusual tack of making your protagonist the one who’s out to destroy the world:

Occasionally some worlds, for an unknown reasons, become affected by the Corruption, which gradually deforms them and their inhabitants. When the Corruption reaches the critical level, the whole world turns into a Corrupted Monster, that devours other Worlds. Since it’s mostly unknown where the Corruption comes from and how to get rid of it, the world heavily affected by it must be destroyed by the World Slayer (you).

But the moment the Slayer arrives into the world, he is immediately attacked by a mysterious sorceress, who drains all of the Slayer’s power, but also loses all of her own memory. Everything that happens afterwards is up to you, the player. You can finish the story as a typical savior, as a manipulative villain, as a madman or a mad woman, as an elaborate strategist, a romantic hero or maybe just do nothing and have fun (and who cares about the world that’s collapsing?)

As the premise suggests, the developers are taking pains to make the game nonlinear, drawing inspiration from a myriad of wRPGs in the process (they specifically cite Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Age).

Here’s a teaser trailer:

The developers list the following features planned for the finished game:

  • Completely nonlinear single player campaign
  • The relationships between the protagonist and main companions could vary from a friendship or a common romance… to a global catastrophe
  • Faction Rivalry mode (strategic good old Sengoku-like addon) becomes available, allowing the player to conquer cities and lands like a strategist, improve the army and build defences
  • Crafting weapons, devices, and magic stones
  • Battle system that looks deceptively simple, offers a large variety of tactics to trick a stronger enemy
  • Story – the narrative isn’t built on trivial claims about saving the world and cutout “chosen one” templates, instead it’s based on characters’ interactions and non-standard storytelling decisions, which the player has to deal with. The story is presented somewhat frivolously, with humor and a bit of parody.

There is currently a demo available for World Slayer (Windows, Mac, and Android). The full game is being developed for Windows, Android, iOS and Switch, with a planned simultaneous release date of winter 2017 (and a potential PS Vita port to follow).

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  • BarryB says:

    This one actually sounds like it has the possibility of being pretty imaginative. Depends on implementation. Well worth keeping in mind.


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