Himeko Sutori new gameplay video

Hello IndieRPGs.com readers! I’ve been rather occupied this past month or so, meaning that there’s a wee bit of a news backlog that I need to attend to. Let’s start with something light, a video from Nathaniel Ayer showing off his progress on the absurdly ambitious sRPG Himeko Sutori (previously covered here).

Among other things, it looks like since we last checked in, the game has acquired nicer graphical assets, improved shaders, a dialogue system, a character leveling and class progression system, a hex-based world map, the ability to roam around freely between battles, and so on:

Ayers reports that the team (now going by “Rockwell Studios”) is building a full-fledged alpha test campaign to, y’know, test all of this stuff out. The game’s IndieDB page lists it as coming September 2017 (though I rather doubt it’ll hit that mark if they’re still working on the alpha test campaign).

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