New release: Pixel Shopkeeper

Yoshi of Pixel Prototype writes in to announce the release of Pixel Shopkeeper, a shop simulator / RPG / puzzle game hybrid.

The premise:

In Pixel Shopkeeper you graduate as a starry-eyed brand-new Playable Character with a massive student debt that you need to pay off – by opening your own shop and selling your wares! Obtain merchandise by battling dungeons, level up to get stronger, befriend the locals, upgrade your shopfront, and craft items that sell for hefty profits! In the process, meet new characters as you unlock hero classes and earn enough to make a stellar shop and possibly name for yourself!

If you suspect that this game is partially inspired by Recettear, you’re not alone! I asked the developer to expound upon the game’s mechanics a bit, and he sent this in reply:

During the day, you have a limited time to sell your items. When you go to a dungeon, you have to use up a day (similar to Recettear). You need to make payment events on certain dates and after you finish your loan later in the game, you unlock contest events which happen every other month.

The strategy involved is figuring out how to make furnishing placements before the day starts to min-max your shop. The people can also passively buy things based on chance but also occasionally have missions for you.

Combat within the game’s dungeons, meanwhile, seems to be of the grid-puzzle variety, and furnishes you new stock for your shop. You can see it all in action within the trailer:

Yoshi informs me that Pixel Shopkeeper will be getting some additional story-focused updates over the next month or so. In the meantime, Pixel Shopkeeper is available to purchase on Steam for $7.99 (less with the 15% launch discount). Windows only.

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