Age of Fear 3: The Legend announced

You may recall a fantasy strategy series known as Age of Fear–I reviewed the original way back in 2012, and covered its sequel when it released the year after. Well, Antonio Santo now writes in to announce that Leszek Sliwko has been developing a new entry in the series, entitled Age of Fear 3: The Legend.

As with prior Age of Fear games, AoF3 will come with two campaigns, each with their own narrative premise. Per Santo:

[Y]ou can either play as a driad [sic] and her bloodthirsty drider lover, supported by a crazy swamp witch, set on a quest for revenge after being captured by a slaver; or as a band of drunken greedy dwarves fighting against… well, everything on their path (mushroom-men included!)

Age of Fear titles are traditionally top-down, with free movement and a ferocious AI. Aof3’s gameplay trailer gives me little reason to doubt that the third entry in the series will be any different in this respect:

So what’s new from prior entries in the series? For one thing, it looks like your units will have individualized inventories and equipment now, which is a pretty big step up from prior titles. There also appears to be a world map, though it’s not clear how much freedom of progression the campaigns actually offer you. Finally, Santo writes that AoF3 “offers a PvP multiplayer mode and an extensive modding support – everything can be modded, from units’ sprites, stats and skills, maps, levels, campaign and even the AI behaviors.” Neat!

With that in mind, here are some other relevant points from the feature list:

  • Level up your units to create your own customized army with over 250 different spells and skills

  • Face an incredibly diverse enemy roster with close to 200 unique units

  • Permadeath – all characters that fall in a battle will stay dead – unless an evil Necromancer raises them as Zombies!

  • Use the terrain to your advantage in challenging battles with environmental hazards

  • Create your own world and share with the community thanks to its Steam Workshop integration

  • Use in combat more than 100 unique items and artifacts, each of them with their own bonuses, skills and/or spells

Age of Fear 3 is planned for release on September 1, 2017 for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The developer is currently accepting pre-orders here; $19.99.

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