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Interview with Lars Doucet

Today we have an interview with Lars Doucet of LevelUp Labs, one of the two core members of the team that brought us the delightful RPG / Tower Defense game Defender’s Quest (a game which, in my opinion, was the first such hybrid to actually get the “RPG” part more or less correct). Today, LevelUp […]

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Defender’s Quest II announced

Lars Doucet of Level Up Labs writes in to tell me that a sequel to last year’s delightful tower defense/RPG hybrid Defender’s Quest is on the way. Defender’s Quest II: Mists of Ruin takes place in an entirely new setting with an all-new cast of characters and a story wholly unconnected to what transpired in […]

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Defender’s Quest calls for fan translators

I don’t normally post general interest news stories about games like this, but I think this is legitimately interesting. Level Up Labs has created a method to crowd source the localization of its game, Defender’s Quest, setting up a dedicated webpage devoted to that task. I can’t think of any other occasion where I’ve seen […]

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Defender’s Quest: By the numbers

This article by Lars Doucet contains good lessons for how to make a living distributing your games. It breaks down Defender’s Quest’s (significant) sales numbers by source, and is therefore of primary interest to indie game developers–but it contains valuable lessons for the player as well. Among other things, Mr. Doucet makes a compelling argument […]

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Defender’s Quest goes “gold”

Level Up Labs has just released the Gold Edition of Defender’s Quest. The demo is updated, and so is the game. You can check out our video preview of the game right here.

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As mentioned in last week’s coverage of Defender’s Quest, there is a Gold Edition due for release soon with improved graphics, an improved interface, and a special New Game+ that adds sidequests and special abilities to items. Lars Doucet of Level Up Labs was nice enough to give me access to a pre-release version of […]

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New release: Defender’s Quest

Since I’ve been loosening up on the sort of games I’ve been willing to post about lately, I figured it was time to stop agonizing about whether Defender’s Quest was really an RPG and just post about the thing. Defender’s Quest is a hybrid RPG / tower defense game by Lars Doucet. Protector, the first […]

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