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Drox Operative, Din’s Curse, Depths of Peril released on Linux

Steven Peeler of Soldak Entertainment, steadfast developer of quality Diablo-style aRPGs with interesting procedural generation techniques, has announced that three of his past titles–Drox Operative (reviewed here), Din’s Curse (reviewed here), and Depths of Peril–are now available for Linux for the first time. You can snag Drox Operative here, snag Din’s Curse here, and do […]

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Interview with Steven Peeler

Happy April Fool’s Day! To celebrate, here is an exclusive (and most certainly not fake) interview I conducted with Steven Peeler of Soldak Entertainment, in which he tells us about the value of urgency, as well as offering some insight on using procedural systems in an RPG. Check it out.   Let’s start basic. Who […]

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Game review: Din’s Curse

Title: Din’s Curse Developer: Soldak Entertainment (Steven Peeler) Platforms: Windows, Mac Price: $24.99 If Diablo and Diner Dash had offspring, I imagine it would turn out something like this. Din’s Curse is a 3D isometric action RPG by Soldak Entertainment (which is to say, it’s by Steven Peeler and a small group of contract workers). […]

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