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2 Jeff Vogel interviews

Jeff Vogel’s given two separate interviews over the last week or so: first this one from Captain D’s PC Gaming Blog, then this one on GameBanshee. Also, just because I find it interesting, here is a recent blog post Jeff wrote evangelizing the reuse of old game engines and assets for RPGs.

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Game review: Avernum 6

Title: Avernum 6 Developer: Spiderweb Software (Jeff Vogel) Platforms: Windows, Mac Price: $28 (plus $6 to purchase it on CD) I’ll start with a confession: Avernum 6 is the first Avernum game I’ve played. So I write with a fresh eye toward the thing, rather than seeing it as one in a series of gradually […]

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Avernum 6 released!

Jeff Vogel is, in his own words, “older than the stones and the dirt.” He’s been releasing indie RPGs since 1994, which makes him one of the great-grandaddies of the indie RPG scene. Vogel’s company, Spiderweb Software, just released the final chapter of his Avernum series, Avernum 6, on Friday.

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