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New release: Shiny Gauntlet

Hey! Remember that action roguelike-like I just wrote about two days ago, Shiny Gauntlet? It’s out now! The game’s description and feature set hasn’t changed since Tuesday, so I’ll just let you re-read that earlier post for the basic details. The new info concerns how and where to get it: Shiny Gauntlet is available on […]

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Shiny Gauntlet announced

Glen Henry writes in to announce Shiny Gauntlet, an action roguelike-like in the Binding of Isaac vein. In development by Jamaican indie studio SpriteWrench, Shiny Gauntlet features a pretty straightforward plot premise: Select your champion and explore the Gauntlet. Collect weapons, enchanted rings, bottle and/or consume the mysterious remains of defeated foes, all the while […]

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