New release: Dungeons of Legend: Underwell

Mike Jimsworth of Dungeon Brick Studios writes in to announce the release of his new first-person dungeon delver for Android, Dungeons of Legend: Underwell.

The premise:

You play as a lone wanderer. Captured, robbed and cast into the Underwell Abyss, you are left for dead. But in the depth of the abyss is a dungeon crafted to test the very limits of your wits and bravery. Designed by a twisted mind, this lair looks promising but very dangerous. The warnings tell you to turn back, but that way is closed now… besides, you were never one to shirk from a challenge!

As the “lone wanderer” bit might suggest, this one’s in the mold of Dungeon Master. Here’s the feature list:

-Exploration: Each floor of this Dungeon is full of secrets, each more rewarding than the next!

-Puzzles, Riddles and mysteries: Your attentiveness and logic will be tested and duly rewarded!

-Monsters: The dungeon’s inhabitants don’t take too kindly to strangers!

-Loot: The right equipment and items will get you very far indeed!

-A mix of classic pixelated graphics and 3D environments

Dungeons of Legend: Underwell can be downloaded for zero dollars from Google Play, though I understand that it’s content-limited in some respect; $2 unlocks the full game. Android only.

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