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New release: Millennium 3

Don’t ask me how they managed this, but Aldorlea Games has just released a new RPG less than a week after the release of their last RPG. This latest one is called Millennium 3: Cry Wolf. Here is what it’s about:

Marine and her friends are back!
Time is running out for the showdown and the Lords of Mystrock are nastier than ever – but Marine has other priorities!
She has to explore the Eastern part of the world with the hope to find new warriors! But little does she know that she is going to be sidetracked in order to help some of her friends!
What will happen next? Will Jeanne be back? Is Bokden still as elusive as ever? Play and find out!

Millennium 3 is the latest installment of the award-winning Millennium series, featuring 40 quests, 32 secret rooms, up to 11 animals kings and a whooping 20-30 hours of gameplay!


Driftmoon available for pre-order

Developer Instant Kingdom wrote to me today to announce that they are now taking pre-orders for their up-and-coming indie RPG Driftmoon. Quoth the developer:

Driftmoon is an adventure-oriented roleplaying game, with focus on storytelling, exploring and quests. In Driftmoon there are always plenty of things to find and people to meet, and instead of killing all of your enemies, you can sometimes talk your way through.

More exciting (in my view) is the fact that Driftmoon comes with full access to the game editor tools. Which means that in theory, you could be looking at some pretty cool mods after the game’s release.

Pre-orders are €11.99 through Paypal, which I think comes to something just short of $17.00 USD. Here is the gameplay trailer:

New release: Jade’s Journey

Aldorlea Games writes in to announce the release of a new RPG Maker jRPG by the name of Jade’s Journey. I’d like to tell you something about it, but all they have up is the following plot description:

Join Jade in her journey to master her powers and save her father!
Jade is a regular girl living in a regular village until one day… it all changes.

Seriously, that’s it. Oh, and there are a couple of screenshots of a girl standing outside of a couple of different buildings. So the game features buildings for sure. And grass. If you like girls standing in the grassy areas outside of buildings, this game may be for you.

EDIT: I am informed that Aldorlea Games did not actually make this game: this game is by Warfare Studios.

Game review: Recettear

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale is a Japanese indie RPG originally developed and released by EasyGameStation in 2007, now localized and re-released in English by Carpe Fulgur. The gist is that you play a young girl forced to pay off her late father’s mortgage on the house by converting it into one of those ubiquitous jRPG item shops. Recettear is creative, endlessly entertaining, and above all, truly and painfully addictive.


Aldorlea Games Halloween Contest

Aldorlea Games has announced a contest to win a free copy of their upcoming jRPG Millenium 3.

I thought of spicing up your waiting time for Millennium’s next chapter and give you all a chance to win a copy of the game in an Aldorlean version of Trick-or-treating. Ehehe!!!

The Treat is obvious – a free copy of MM3!

The Trick… well you’ll need to correctly answer a few questions. Every week I’ll post a batch of questions. For each correct answer you’ll score a point (if a question requires more than one answer it’ll be one point for each).
At the end of the contest the member with highest score will win a copy of the game.
In case of ex-aequo, the winner will be randomly drawn among those with the highest number of points.
The points you accumulate will also be added to your clan so even if you don’t win the game you may considerably boost your clan’s chances of winning the Trophy for Highest Points.

Check the thread for more details.

New release: Space Funeral

Paul Eres posts on TIGS about a new, free, short JRPG set in what is reportedly a unique and interesting universe. You can download Space Funeral right here.


Dead State Interview

GameBanshee has an interview with Brian Mitsoda about Dead State. It has a lot of interesting stuff in it, but from a pure RPG design perspective, I found this perhaps the most interesting:

Unlike a lot of other RPGs, you don’t gain XP from killing things – you get skill points from completing objectives, which means that the player can go about things in any way that completes the task, rather than have to kill everything that moves. These objectives are both reoccurring and also reactive to events that have been set off by the player’s actions. In a lot of cases, avoiding combat or using the zombies against opponents is a better strategy than going in guns blazing. Reaching certain key milestones (like recruiting a certain number of strangers to your shelter) or making critical decisions in your role as a leader can unlock choices of new perks for your character. We definitely want to encourage players to play the way they want rather than grind for success.

Check out the full interview here. Hat tip to RPGWatch for the story.

XBox 360 indies

RPGWatch reports on a new round-up of XBox 360 indie RPGs posted on the Evil Avatar forums. Every last one of them is dirt-cheap–worth checking out if you’re looking to try out a new RPG on your XBox 360.

The cost of making an indie game

Canadian gaming blog Above 49 has a post on the unexpected expense of designing an indie game, and the importance of people supporting indie games:

It’s also god damn hard to make a game, even as an indie, for less than a million dollars. Another person here, another few months there and a budget can easily hit seven figures. Most people seem unaware of just how expensive even seemingly small independent games are. Frictional’s post mentions a conversation with a friend outside the industry who guessed their budget might be $25,000. I imagine even many serious gamers wouldn’t be much more accurate. Even an order of magnitude increase to that guess is less than half the actual budget.

Read the rest here.

Game review: Eschalon Book II

  • Title: Eschalon Book II
  • Developer: Basilisk Games
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Price: $24.95

Eschalon Book II is the second game in the Eschalon series by Basilisk Games. Eschalon is an isometric, nonlinear wRPG reminiscent of Fallout and Baldur’s Gate. It does almost everything well, but there are a few areas where the game fails to live up to its promise.

Let’s talk about the things Eschalon does well. First of all, Eschalon is beautiful. The visuals all hang together perfectly, the scenery is vivid and lush, and all sorts of neat little environmental details really help the world come alive. Plus, everything you would expect to be animated is animated. (I’m looking at you, Avernum.)