PARPG faces its own apocalypse, seeks new project lead

Martin Vohland is stepping down as the project manager of PARPG (Post-Apocalyptic RPG), citing real-life commitments and waning output from his team. PARPG, for those of you who don’t know, was an RPG in the Fallout vein set in wintery northern Europe.

Vohland writes:

I’m sorry to say so but it turned out that I won’t have more free time on my hands in April. There have been changes in real life and I simply don’t have the time and the energy to continue my job in project management. That’s why I’ve decided to ship this first techdemo release of PARPG and retire after that.

As with all ambitious RPG projects, initial optimism can easily turn to failure, especially when the project depends upon a team of people whose only contact is via the internet. To keep PARPG from meeting that same fate, however, Vohland seeks someone to take his place as the guy responsible for getting the game finished:

The reason why I’m announcing my departure now, is that the increased public interest due the recent release hopefully helps to find a new maintainer for the project. I do still strongly believe in the concept of an old school isometric 2d RPG but unfortunately time for me has run out.

Unfortunately not many of the formerly involved devs are still active at this point. But I’m sure that a new project manager can find a new interested developers for such a project.

Here is a video of the tech demo showing how far along it is–most basic systems seem to be in place, though I don’t see any combat, theft, or sneaking:


Vohland has compiled a list of project manager responsibilities. If you’re interested in taking on the project yourself, you can get in touch with him via IRC or email.

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