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On Project Zomboid and Not Being a Jerk On the Internet

Project Zomboid isn’t quite dead-by-real-life (the tag below notwithstanding), but that doesn’t mean that life hasn’t given the project a few sound wallops with murderous intent. First Paypal froze their account. Then Google Checkout decided to do the same. Then pirates created an auto-updating pirated build of the game which threatened to kill them with […]

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The Broken Hourglass finally breaks

The Rampant Games Blog reports on the death of long-awaited indie RPG The Broken Hourglass.

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PARPG faces its own apocalypse, seeks new project lead

Martin Vohland is stepping down as the project manager of PARPG (Post-Apocalyptic RPG), citing real-life commitments and waning output from his team. PARPG, for those of you who don’t know, was an RPG in the Fallout vein set in wintery northern Europe.

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