RPGDX Alternate History Challenge Complete!

RPGDX has just wrapped up its annual short-form RPG challenge. All participants had from August 9th to August 18th to create an RPG having to do with the challenge theme, Alternate History.

Here is a list of the games that were finished within the time constraints of the challenge:

If Only, a short but funny time-travel RPG in Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style. (You’ll know if you won because you’ll get some cake.)

Multi-dimensional Man, an RPG with Cursor*10-style mechanics.

Retroactive Quest, a time-travel 3D action RPG rendered in pixelated style.

Tiny Puppy RPG, a distressingly cute RPG in which you were born as (what else) a tiny puppy. You must bark to scare away other dogs and seek out your bone.

Hit the jump for the rest of the games…

Here are the others which made some progress but didn’t manage to make it in under the deadline–hopefully to be finished in the future!

Aether Gears, a steampunk RPG in Unity where scientists successfully discover the existence of aether in the late 1880s and use it to power machinery. It has really nice 3D graphics, but not much else yet.

Docken Quest, a 3D RPG in which you are a photographer who must travel to the past with your camera and prevent bad things from happening by gathering documentary evidence (i.e. taking pictures).

Dwarven Commando, a remake of the C64 game Commando with axe-throwing dwarves and goblins.

The Gateway Circle, a party-based RPG involving a supernatural alternate history of Stonehenge.

Nexus City, an RPG about…well, I don’t know what it’s about. But Terry Cavanagh is working on it, and it looks interesting.

Sunset Mirror, a 3D RPG in Unity involving steampunk, nazis, assassins, and time travel by SophieH of Linear RPG fame.

I think we’ve all learned something from this challenge: don’t be too ambitious when you’re working under time constraints. (Or, more specifically: 1.25 weeks really isn’t enough time to make a 3D time travel RPG.)

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