New release: Darklight Dungeon

Tired of RPG Maker games? Well, here’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey: a first-person dungeon delver. That would be Darklight Dungeon, by ZoellerSoft LLC. The screenies and description immediately call to mind old games like Wizardry and Stonekeep.

Darklight Dungeon’s official description is a little lackluster, but the Rampant Games blog has its own description that I will helpfully plagiarize for you here:

It’s an indie first-person dungeon crawler of a definitely old-school western RPG persuasion. It features turn-based, menu-oriented combat; anti-magic zones; square step-based dungeon grids (but with smooth 3D transitions and particle systems); puzzles; trapped chests; exploration; and even *gulp* character aging.

I tried my damnedest to boot up the game and take a screenshot, but Darklight Dungeon doesn’t seem to like my PC very much.

Rather than upload a screenie of an error message here, I’m going to plagiarize Indie Game News by stealing their lovely-looking screenshot. (I could plagiarize the Rampant Games blog again, but I’m saving that for when I post the link to the interview they did with developer Jesse Zoeller. Which I am doing right now.)

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