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New release: Darklight Dungeon Eternity

Jesse Zoeller, creator of the original first-person dungeon delver Darklight Dungeon, has released a sequel by the name of Darklight Dungeon Eternity. Looking at the feature list, I get the feeling that the new adjective is meant to describe how long it takes to beat the game: Explore a vast dungeon totaling 50 floors. Defeat […]

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New release: Darklight Dungeon

Tired of RPG Maker games? Well, here’s something you don’t see every day, Chauncey: a first-person dungeon delver. That would be Darklight Dungeon, by ZoellerSoft LLC. The screenies and description immediately call to mind old games like Wizardry and Stonekeep. Darklight Dungeon’s official description is a little lackluster, but the Rampant Games blog has its […]

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