New release: Dark Delve

This is a good week to be into first-person dungeon crawlers. Mark Harvey of Checkmark Games writes in to announce the release of another one, Dark Delve, for XBox Live Indie Games. (He indicates that there may be a PC release in the future, but for now this appears to be an XBLIG exclusive.)

He describes the game like so:

Create a custom group of characters to dissolve a centuries old curse in the 6+ hour campaign or test your skill in one of several unique challenges available. The dungeons abound with secrets to uncover and enemies to defeat.

  • Involving Combat System with special Chain Break attacks
  • Performance in combat is rated with increased rewards for the highest grades
  • Discover numerous secret doors and overcome puzzles and traps
  • Complex boss battles test player tactics
  • Multiple difficulty settings and variable party size available to customize your challenge level
  • Disarm Trapped treasure chests and obtain more than 100 unique items
  • Each of the 3 character classes offer 3 distinct paths of advancement
  • Deeds of Valor awarded for performing special tasks outside what is required (can you reach the Rat King’s lair while avoiding all combat encounters?)
  • Minimal random encounters, most encounters are placed in rooms and once defeated, stay defeated

Mark writes that Dark Delve “was just released on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace for 80 MSP ($1).” You can find it here, along with a free trial version. Here is a video showing off the game in action:

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