New release: Symphony of Eternity

Symphony of Eternity is another one of those jRPGs that actually originate in Japan. Another Kemco game, SoE is pretty old by mobile standards, with a copyright dating back as far as 2009. Kemco released an English translation sometime early in 2011 for Android, with a more-or-less contemporaneous iOS release alongside.

The narrative for Symphony of Eternity is…well, just read:

This story mainly includes two factor: One is the quest for a legendary weapon “Regratlute” which makes its bearer’s desires come true.
The hero Kreist is the cool guy who’re willing to get the weapon and take the happy golden years, rescuing his concerned people with the power of Regratlute. His friend Dauturu is the hot-hearted ancient golem who agrees Kreist’s dream.
Another factor is the coup d’etat of Eashtend kingdom. Honesty and kind king, queen, ladies and gentlemen in the royal family are totally killed by the traitor, lady Safario with the dark desire to conquer whole the world.
This two storyline becomes into one stream when Laishutia who says she is the escaped princess of Eashtend royal family encounters Kreist and Dauturu. To get back the Eashtend from traiter’s clutch, they decide to be a party to seek Regratlute and defeat the traitors.

Sooo, uh, you know: this one isn’t going to win any awards for writing. Perhaps the trailer will do a better job of swaying you?

You can pick up Symphony of Eternity for $2.99 on Android via Google Play or Amazon, or for $8.99 on iPhone / iPad via the Apple App Store. (I fully admit to not understanding Kemco’s pricing schema at all.) Gamezebo has a review of the Android version that may help you make up your mind, though you should bear in mind that the game has been patched multiple times since this review went live.


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  • Kinbalk says:

    This is by far my favorite android RPG that i own. Yeah isn’t groundbreaking but the ability to learn skills is very similar to FFIX which I thought was so interesting. The end of the game, when the world truly opens up, is really fun to as you island hop trying to find secrets on each little one. Great explore and the controller scheme is way better in this version than other KEMCO games.

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