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Symphony of the Origin announced

Matteo Conti of Kemco Games has written in to announce that Symphony of the Origin, a prequel to the Android/iOS jRPG Symphony of Eternity, is now in development. Once upon a time, humans, elves and dwarves lived on the earth. Under a treaty of nonintervention, world peace was protected without any conflict… until that all […]

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New release: Symphony of Eternity

Symphony of Eternity is another one of those jRPGs that actually originate in Japan. Another Kemco game, SoE is pretty old by mobile standards, with a copyright dating back as far as 2009. Kemco released an English translation sometime early in 2011 for Android, with a more-or-less contemporaneous iOS release alongside. The narrative for Symphony […]

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New release: Alphadia

I’ve finally managed to find another mobile indie RPG that appears on both Android and iOS! Alphadia is a straightforward jRPG by Kemco, a prolific (and apparently fairly large) Japanese indie developer. The premise: It has been almost a century since the end of the Energi War. Nevertheless, within this prolonged season of peace, the […]

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