MiniFlake announced

Word has reached me that I-Game-Art (a.k.a Chris Legasse) is working on a game called “MiniFlake” (amazingly, not under contract from Kelloggs or General Mills).

Despite its title, MiniFlake is not about cereal, nor is it about a dwarf who fails to follow through on social engagements. MiniFlake is a roguelike with 1-bit pixel graphics (although it uses an overlay effect that means it technically employs more than two colors).

The developer describes MiniFlake thusly:

miniFlake is a roguelike rpg with a simplified interface and a minimal use of keyboard button use, arrow keys and space bar, and the escape key is all you need to play. The game features amazingly retro 1bit graphics, chiptune music and retro sound effects. The dungeons as well as the overworld map and the names of locations and npc’s are generated at random using complex generation algorithms.

The story is fairly simple, the player has joined the Crawlers Guild and goes from town to town dungeon crawling for loot and fame. Each new town’s dungeon gets progressively deeper and harder to pillage.

The developer states that MiniFlake is “slated for release on the Android, Ios, PC, Mac, and possible browser platforms.” When? Only time will tell. In the meantime, here are some screenshots for you to look at:

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