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MiniFlake demo released, taking pre-orders

Chris Legasse, he of the 1-bit roguelike MiniFlake, was good enough to notify us all that there is now a free playable demo of the game available on Desura. Also, there appears to be a proper trailer now: The demo is Windows-only; however, per the developer, the finished game will be released “on the Android, […]

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MiniFlake announced

Word has reached me that I-Game-Art (a.k.a Chris Legasse) is working on a game called “MiniFlake” (amazingly, not under contract from Kelloggs or General Mills). Despite its title, MiniFlake is not about cereal, nor is it about a dwarf who fails to follow through on social engagements. MiniFlake is a roguelike with 1-bit pixel graphics […]

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