New release: Kingturn RPG Plus

Remember how I posted about Kingturn RPG not that long ago? Well, it just had a baby: Kingturn RPG Plus.

Kingturn RPG Plus, just like its predecessor, is a turn-based tactical RPG with an overtly political storyline. This time, however, the story is completely different (which begs the question as to why this is given the appellation “Plus” instead of “2,” but whatever.) Here’s the plot:

The Kingdom of Andaria is at peace since many years thanks to the moderate and thoughtful rule of King Constantin. Even peasants start participating in the country’s growing prosperity as a result of the ‘King’s Verdict’; – a royal law that grants a small share of wealth to the common folks, too.

The story starts with the mysterious murder of King Constantin resulting in a full-scale civil war raging all over the formerly peaceful country of Andaria.

While noble families accuse each other of being responsible for the King’s assassination, the fight over the succession to the crown and throne begins …

Kingturn RPG Plus, like Kingturn RPG, takes place across 65 scenarios. The two games share the same trailer, which I guess is appropriate given that they share the same engine and feature nearly identical mechanics:

Unlike Kingturn RPG, Kingturn RPG Plus is a “freemium” title, meaning that you can download it and play for free through a 10-scenario campaign (the remaining 55 scenarios reside behind a pay wall). Get the game on Google Play.

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