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Kingturn Underworld RPG released for iOS

Previously exclusive to Android phones, the KingTurn series has now been fully ported to iOS: KingTurn RPG, KingTurn RPG Plus, and now Kingturn Underworld RPG. You can read our prior coverage of these games here, here and here. The Kingturn Underworld RPG download is free–however, if it follows the pattern of past releases, you’ll be […]

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New release: Kingturn RPG Plus

Remember how I posted about Kingturn RPG not that long ago? Well, it just had a baby: Kingturn RPG Plus. Kingturn RPG Plus, just like its predecessor, is a turn-based tactical RPG with an overtly political storyline. This time, however, the story is completely different (which begs the question as to why this is given […]

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