Steam Marines announced, playable

It has come to my attention that there is a new, squad-based tactics roguelike in development by Worthless Bums by the name of Steam Marines.

Let’s put aside for the moment the fact that they have the best studio name I have ever heard, and look at what Worthless Bums are up to with this game:

  • 2D retro-styled art and turn based action.
  • Procedurally Generated Levels and Items.
  • A squad of combatants fighting for their lives in monster filled steampunk spaceship.
  • Use your squad to cover defensive positions or funnel enemies into chokepoints to blow them up.

That’s it. If there’s some premise beyond blowing up steam-powered automatons on a steam-powered space ship using marines in steam-driven power armor, the devs aren’t talking about it. Then again, I’m not sure the game really needs much of a premise beyond that.

The developers have posted a gameplay video; have a look:

As with most roguelikes, Steam Marines is freely available for download despite the fact that it is still fairly early in development. Grab the latest release, version 0.59a, for either Windows or Mac.

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