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New release: Steam Marines

Word reaches me that Steam Marines, the sci-fi outer space squad-based tactics roguelike from developer Worthless Bums, has been released after more than two years in development. True to their name, Worthless Bums haven’t provided us with a narrative summary, so I’m just going to write the game an ad hoc one from memory right […]

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I’ve been wanting to check out Steam Marines for quite some time now; and luckily, developer James Seow was kind enough to indulge my desires with an alpha build of the game. This video is the lovechild of that unholy union. Behold! So: first impressions! Steam Marines is basically what would happen if someone turned […]

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Steam Marines announced, playable

It has come to my attention that there is a new, squad-based tactics roguelike in development by Worthless Bums by the name of Steam Marines. Let’s put aside for the moment the fact that they have the best studio name I have ever heard, and look at what Worthless Bums are up to with this […]

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