Anodyne demo released

Life is funny sometimes. I posted about the upcoming Zelda-alike Anodyne on Friday; on Saturday, I randomly met Anodyne developer Sean Hogan at Indie City Games, where he showed off Anodyne for everyone; and the day after that, Hogan released a public demo.

Speaking of which: Anodyne now has a demo! It comes in two flavors: via a Windows .exe installer (available here), and via a Mac-and-Linux friendly AIR installer, available here. Grab it while it’s hot.

(Note for folks using the AIR installer: if you download the .air file and can’t open it, it means you need AIR on your system. Get that here, or here if you use Linux.)

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  • Playroom says:

    Tried the demo today and even though the dungeon available is almost the same as an older version that was shown off, the polished version of the game looks great! I just hope the rest of the weapons/items are more interesting that… the broom!


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