Dungeonspace announced

I’ve stumbled across a new first-person dungeon delver under development by the name of Dungeonspace.

“Another one?” Yup. This one stands out, however, for one big reason: “a LAN/Internet multiplayer mode.” The game also supports modding, with the ability to add in entirely new creature art and dungeon tilesets to the game.

The game’s premise is interesting as well, if currently short on narrative justification:

Dungeonspace is a classic Dungeon Crawler combined with Space exploration. Your aim is to build a ship, get into space and search for planets an explore them in a classic 2D Dungeon Master style. The space is meant for traveling from one planet to another (inspiring examples are Whale’s Voyage, Captive, Black Crypt and of course Dungeon Master).

Dungeonspace is still quite early in development, but developer Crank Gaming does have a few screenshots up. Check it out:

They ordinarily have a prototype version available to play in-browser, though it currently appears to be offline.


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