Dungeon Plunder announced

Dungeon Plunder, an isometric graphical roguelike for iOS, is complete. Done. Finito. It’s been submitted to Apple for approval (app-proval?), and now developer Dominic Duchesne must wait.

Like most roguelikes, Dungeon Plunder randomly generates the world whenever you start a new game. Unlike many roguelikes, however, that procedural generation extends to both an overworld and an underworld consisting of random tombs and caves. The game also randomizes the selection of enemies you’ll face; or at least, that’s what DungeonPlunder.com tells me. The premise:

The goal of the game is to smash an orb freezing the world controlled by an evil wizard. You’ll see the world progressively getting affected as you play the game…

Pretty basic stuff from a narrative perspective, but I love that the game world actually starts to freeze over time. Here’s a trailer:

Like Tower of Fortune before it, Dungeon Plunder takes the whole “randomized results” thing to its natural conclusion and simply has combat occur via a slot machine. I can’t say I’m a fan of that choice from an “actually enjoying the game” perspective, but the potential satirical value is sky-high.

Dungeon Plunder will be out for iOS just as soon as Apple gets around to concluding that it has no nudity or anything even remotely political to say.

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