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New release: Dungeon Plunder

It’s barely been a week since I first posted about Dungeon Plunder, and it’s already out for iOS! In case you missed it, Dungeon Plunder is an isometric roguelike with a procedurally generated overworld, procedurally generated underworld dungeons, and a world that gradually freezes over due to the effects of a powerful artifact under the […]

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Dungeon Plunder announced

Dungeon Plunder, an isometric graphical roguelike for iOS, is complete. Done. Finito. It’s been submitted to Apple for approval (app-proval?), and now developer Dominic Duchesne must wait. Like most roguelikes, Dungeon Plunder randomly generates the world whenever you start a new game. Unlike many roguelikes, however, that procedural generation extends to both an overworld and […]

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