Movie night: Dead State

It’s been quite a while since we last heard from Double Bear, developers of Dead State. I was started to worry that their game might be in sort of a dead…state.

Well! Banish the thought. DB have put out a nearly 10-minute long video showing the game’s combat system. Kick back, toss off your shoes, and settle in for another exciting movie night!

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  • Rui Castro says:

    man, the best part in the end was cut arrrr I wasn’t feeling the game is tactical enough because there wasn’t more than 1 enemy. I’m sure it will get better. But I loved the stealth game play. Also like the decision to give skill points on completion of missions and not after each combat, this takes aways the grinder cheaters LOL Some zombie sounds actually made me feel sorry for them, seemed they were suffering LOL

  • mercy says:

    Congrats Craig on the Kickstarter! Finally you made it!!! And its still 30 days to go so prepare those stretch-goals. :DDDD


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