Movie night: Underrail and Shadowrun Returns

Hello, folks! We have two movies on the agenda for tonight: one of Underrail, the other of Shadowrun Returns.

First: remember Underrail, the post-apocalyptic, isometric wRPG that I had the pleasure of checking out last August? Stygian Software has just released a new trailer for it, and it’s looking mighty spiffy!

Shadowrun Returns, meanwhile, is being developed by Harebrained Schemes. They’re not being backed by publishers on this project, and are just barely small enough to squeeze inside the definition of indie I use for this site. On the other hand, they’re licensing the Shadowrun IP from Microsoft, which breaks the rules. This is pretty borderline as “indie” projects go, in other words, but I’ll allow it for now in the interests of showing off some cool-looking alpha footage. Have a look:

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