New release: Dungeon Plunder

Dungeon Plunder
It’s barely been a week since I first posted about Dungeon Plunder, and it’s already out for iOS!

In case you missed it, Dungeon Plunder is an isometric roguelike with a procedurally generated overworld, procedurally generated underworld dungeons, and a world that gradually freezes over due to the effects of a powerful artifact under the control of an evil wizard. Your job, naturally, is to find said wizard and express your stern disapproval by way of slapping him about with various spells and medieval weapons until he stops.

As I mentioned last time, Dungeon Plunder has slot machine-based combat. I still don’t know how I feel about that, but you can get a sense for how it works in the updated trailer:

Dungeon Plunder is available for both iPhone and iPad for $1.99–you can nab it here. There is an IAP “deluxe edition” for an additional $1.99, but per the developer, that just contains “6 alternate cosmetic models for your characters.” There are also likely to be some ports; per the developer, “sales are starting to pick up)so an Android (and pc/mac) port will definitely be considered although it will require a rewrite due to some dumb design choices early on.”

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