Old release: Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome

Teudogar and the Alliance with Rome is an historical RPG in the style of Ultima 6. Created by Wolf Mittag, this game was released way, way back in 2003. This is an old release, folks.

The premise is simple:

12 B.C.: By order of Emperor Augustus, Roman legions conquer barbarian Germania. Fight for your tribe’s freedom – or form an alliance with Rome!

There’s actually quite a bit more to it than that, though. Beyond touting Teudogar as a thrilling and historically authentic experience, Mittag cites the following features:

  • multiple different storylines   Become farmer or merchant, warlord or pensioner, Roman mercenary, or king of your tribe. Countless sub-plots, and great freedom of action in every game situation.
  • classic role-playing features   As you play your way through the game you’ll gain experience, improve your skills, arm yourself with chain mail shirts or Roman weapons, learn wizardry, capture booty, hunt for treasures, or trade goods. What kind of skills and character you develop depends only on your actions.
  • detailed and realistic game world   You can talk to all characters within the game world, barter with them, make friends or quarrel with them. All objects within the game world can be used and have realistic attributes. People produce new goods, merchants sell their wares. The entire surrounding of each location can be explored.
  • strong artificial intelligence   All persons within the game have their own daily schedules, relationships, plans, and views. They act realistically in everyday life and interaction with others, and they react intelligently and naturally to everything the player says or does. All persons are aware of their surroundings, the player and other persons, or interesting events, and they can refer to these during dialogs.

Teudogar is Windows-only. There’s a free demo available here, with the full version available direct from the developer for $14.95.

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