New release: Aidinia, An Epic Adventure

Káwa Project writes in to announce the release of Aidinia, An Epic Adventure, an Android jRPG.

The premise:

The once peaceful kingdom of Irisa has fallen into chaos, for the evil emperor Hiryuu has stolen the magical pendant that since ancient times protected the land! The king, desperate, has called upon his last hope… YOU!

The developer has not made any details about the game’s systems available, though he does make sure to mention that his RPG is full of dungeons, battles, monsters and treasure. (Which is a little like trumpeting that your book is full of words, paragraphs and sentences.)

I grabbed the free demo (i.e. the Lite version) of the game and played for a while; it seems to be a fairly straightforward Dragon Warrior clone, complete with 8-bit art, charming monster sprites and chiptunes. It’s definitely on the repetitive / grind-y side, though, so be warned.

You can nab Aidinia on Google Play for $0.99; as mentioned, there is also a free “Lite” version available serving as the demo; nab that here.

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