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New release: Eternal Lux

Martín del Río (a.k.a. Káwa Project) writes in to tell me about Eternal Lux, a new strategy RPG he’s created for Android. (If the name “Káwa Project” sounds familiar, that would probably be because of Aidinia RPG, covered here last year.) Eternal Lux has simple 16-color graphics and a MIDI soundtrack meant to evoke the […]

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New release: Aidinia, An Epic Adventure

Káwa Project writes in to announce the release of Aidinia, An Epic Adventure, an Android jRPG. The premise: The once peaceful kingdom of Irisa has fallen into chaos, for the evil emperor Hiryuu has stolen the magical pendant that since ancient times protected the land! The king, desperate, has called upon his last hope… YOU! […]

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