The Dungeoning announced

The Dungeoning
In the tradition of Red Rogue (covered here), but somewhat closer to Spelunky in its approach, we have a new side-scrolling roguelike-like in the works by developer Physmo. It’s called The Dungeoning.

Like a roguelike, The Dungeoning features procedural level generation, permadeath, leveling, traps, loot, and combat. Unlike a “true” roguelike, The Dungeoning is real-time and side-scrolling. I don’t feel like making a separate roguelike-like tag, so I’m just going to file this under “roguelike” when it’s released.

Per the developer:

The game will feature lots of varied weapons, magic, XP, levelling up, permadeath and anything else that takes my fancy…

Other things that take the developer’s fancy include “player stats, wearable rings that give player ability buffs, destructible objects,” the ability to increase stats of your choice upon level-up, and “scroll items that when consumed level up a specific stat too, so you’ll be able to build a strong magic character for example.”

The Dungeoning is still quite early in development, but there’s already a pretty good variety of fiendish traps. (I can see myself dying to that false ceiling trap a lot.) Here’s a work-in-progress video showing off the latest build:

The Dungeoning is being written in Java, and is planned for release on Windows and Mac later this year.

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