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The Dungeoning demo released

Side-scrolling action roguelike-like The Dungeoning (previously covered here) has gotten an alpha demo, according to developer Physmo. The demo runs on both Windows and Mac OSX; you can grab it here.    

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Movie night: Soul Compass, The Dungeoning, Liege

You know what, folks? It’s been a while since we last did a movie night. Why don’t we check in on the latest videos showing the development of Soul Compass, The Dungeoning and Liege (last covered here, here and here, respectively)? “But Craig,” you say, “you just covered Lieg–” You pause, feeling the stern glare […]

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The Dungeoning announced

In the tradition of Red Rogue (covered here), but somewhat closer to Spelunky in its approach, we have a new side-scrolling roguelike-like in the works by developer Physmo. It’s called The Dungeoning. Like a roguelike, The Dungeoning features procedural level generation, permadeath, leveling, traps, loot, and combat. Unlike a “true” roguelike, The Dungeoning is real-time […]

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