Checks Out Skyborn

I was curious to see what Phil Hamilton had gotten up to with his latest release, Skyborn (previously covered here), and so I did what I often do in these circumstances: I went ahead and checked the game out while recording my first impressions. The result? See for yourself!

In short: I found the first 45 minutes enjoyable. The writing is improved from his prior work, the sound design is superb, there are a lot of really nice custom graphics, and Hamilton’s kept most of the clever design features that I enjoyed in Deadly Sin 2. (There’s even a bit of Jane Austen-style romantic tension going on between Claret and Mr. Chesterford!)

All in all, I suspect that we may have a very good indie jRPG on our hands here. There’s no way to tell for sure without playing beyond the beginning, of course–but as of right now, all signs point to “excellent.”

You can nab Skyborn for $14.95 direct from the developer, or try the free demo.

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