Spooky Quest announced, demo available

Spooky Quest
So! Spooky Quest. This is an old school Zelda-alike being developed by Fervir. Featuring appropriately spooky music and combat mechanics reminiscent of Gameboy-era Zelda titles, Spooky Quest features a dungeon-crawling mode and an arena mode. In dungeon crawling mode,

dungeon crawling is emphasized where you’ll work your way through a dark dungeon where you’ll uncover its secrets. It will have items to collect, mysteries and puzzles to solve, traps to avoid, weapons to collect and plenty of monsters to fight.

Arena mode, in turn, is simply a matter of seeing how far you can get against endless waves of enemies.

There is a Windows demo available right here if you want to give it a try while we wait for it to be released. (Also, you might wanna click the screenshots below–they move!)

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