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Elysis demo released

Word has it that indie Zelda-alike Elysis (previously known as “Spooky Quest”) has an updated demo. As you may recall, Elysis is a Zelda-alike with lots of dungeons, highly frenetic combat, and a combinatorial weapons system that lets you modify your armaments. The new Elysis demo reportedly features: 2.7 dungeons with puzzles and treasures. 2 […]

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Spooky Quest announced, demo available

So! Spooky Quest. This is an old school Zelda-alike being developed by Fervir. Featuring appropriately spooky music and combat mechanics reminiscent of Gameboy-era Zelda titles, Spooky Quest features a dungeon-crawling mode and an arena mode. In dungeon crawling mode, dungeon crawling is emphasized where you’ll work your way through a dark dungeon where you’ll uncover […]

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