New release: Heroes of Steel

Heroes of Steel
Word comes to me from the Trese Brothers that they’ve released their turn-based, party-based, top-down dungeon crawl Heroes of Steel.

You may recall that we last covered this game back in February, where we gave a very thorough run-down of the game’s premise and mechanics. What we didn’t have, though, was the game’s release trailer. Check that out here:

The feature list for the finished game is as follows:

  • 8 Playable Characters
  • Complex Branching Storyline
  • Explore Vast Underground World
  • Thousands of Weapons, Armor and Gear
  • 5 Rich Difficulty Levels

Heroes of Steel is available on Android via Google Play; it will be out for iOS as well within the next two weeks or so.

The game’s pricing deserves a bit of discussion. Heroes of Steel is evidently divided into four episodes, and four of its eight characters are “premium” characters. The four base characters are free; access to all each of the game’s additional four episodes costs $0.99 per episode, with an additional $1.99 to access the game’s four premium characters.

There will be an Elite version dropping sometime early next year with additional episodes; that version will contain all of the game’s content, and will be available for a flat $3.99; it will containing the game’s four episodes, but the premium characters will remain a separate purchase.

NOTE: If this pricing scheme confuses you as much as it evidently did me, consult this handy guide the Trese Brothers have created to clear things up.

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