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New release: Heroes of Steel Episode 3: Whispers Over Steel

The tireless Trese Brothers have now released a third episode of their top-down tactical dungeon crawler Heroes of Steel. Prior coverage on the series can be found here; but for those who need to be caught up, the gist is that you play a group of four characters navigating the labyrinthine Underdeep after an apocalyptic […]

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Howdy, IndieRPGers! The Trese Brothers, auteurs of nearly a half-dozen Android RPGs, have offered me a Windows build of Heroes of Steel to check out. If I’m not mistaken, Heroes of Steel is the very first game the Trese Brothers have released on PC, and so mobile origins notwithstanding, I’m judging the game as a […]

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Heroes of Steel out for Windows, Episode 2 released

Hey folks, remember this one? The Trese Brothers tell me that (1) they’ve now released the second episode of Heroes of Steel, and (2) the game is now available for Windows on Desura, where it is (a) miscategorized as a roguelike and (b) priced at $11.99. The premise of the second episode: Episode 2 sends […]

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New release: Heroes of Steel

Word comes to me from the Trese Brothers that they’ve released their turn-based, party-based, top-down dungeon crawl Heroes of Steel. You may recall that we last covered this game back in February, where we gave a very thorough run-down of the game’s premise and mechanics. What we didn’t have, though, was the game’s release trailer. […]

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Movie night: Heroes of Steel, Steam Marines and Isle of Bxnes

Welcome to another movie night, the feature where we take a peek at games we’ve covered in the past and see what they look like now! Grab your Raisinets and get comfy, folks–we’ll be looking at new videos of Heroes of Steel, Steam Marines and Isle of Bxnes after the jump!

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Heroes of Steel announced

Andrew Trese of Trese Brothers Software writes in to announce Heroes of Steel, a turn-based post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG with a 4-character party, ostensibly inspired by tabletop dungeon crawlers. The premise: In a fallen world, your group of young heroes are challenged to protect their people and the remnants of their broken society.  As the forces of […]

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